Sir Lester misses his own press conference

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Former Prime Minister Sir Lester Bird had to postpone an announcement he planned to make today at a press conference.

The invitation to the media came last night in the post-Cabinet briefing notes. It stated that Sir Lester “will read a statement and answer questions of reporters…This will take place in the Senior Minister’s Office in the PM office building. All are invited.” 

However, on arrival at his office for the 9 a.m. event, a worker told OBSERVER media that the senior politician was feeling ill.

It was widely thought that Sir Lester would announce his retirement from active politics.

 The former two-term prime minister is still the sitting member of parliament in St John’s Rural East, despite failing health and a lack of mobility.

In November, he said he felt disrespected when Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced that he, Sir Lester, would not be allowed to run again.

 Sir Lester said only he should make such an announcement. 

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