Sir Andy Foundation head unaware of any rift with iconic former fast bowler

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By Neto Baptiste

Head of the Sir Andy Roberts Foundation, Jeannette Charles, is unaware of any rift between the body and the former international cricketer.

Addressing the issue on the Good Morning Jo-Jo Sports Show recently, Charles admitted that the body had recently denied a request from Sir Andy that a donation be made to former national cricketer and teammate, Rolston Otto Sr.

She added however, that the matter had long been discussed and resolved at an executive level.

“I don’t know that we haven’t seen him because Sir Andy is a member just like every other member. What happened is that Sir Andy asked for something that is outside of the rules of the Foundation and that was explained and a vote was taken. We do a competitive bidding process in development projects. What members did personally was give donations and we said each of us were required to put up money and give that donation” she said.

The foundation, on Sunday hosted its fifth annual instalment of the Sir Andy Roberts Community Spirit Day in Bolans which, ironically, was not attended by Sir Andy.

Charles had made it clear that the rules of the foundation do not allow the body to financially support individual causes which contributed to the decision to deny Sir Andy’s request for a donation toward Otto Sr.

“It has always been a [goal] of ours to grow this foundation so that we can do more. One thing we cannot do is help individuals, we don’t do that in St. Mary’s or anywhere else because we don’t have that kind of money. We’re a development foundation, not a charity, so in order to receive funding you’d have to apply, you have to compete and you’d have to be able to help yourself,” she said.

The community activist reminded that no individual has ever benefited from the foundation.

“Every dime goes back into community, not myself, not any other member, not Sir Andy and not anyone of us gets anything from the foundation except for a t-shirt that we wear to work,” Charles said.

Funds raised at Sunday’s Community Spirit Day, according to Charles, will go towards a greenhouse project at the Old Road Primary School.

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