Sick-out threat prompts relocation of All Saints Police Station

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People who reside in All Saints and its environs who have a crime to report or any other business at the All Saints Police Station, will now have to do so at the Liberta Police Station.

That’s because the operations of the All Saints Police Station – District C — have been relocated to the Liberta station due to unsanitary and other poor working conditions of which the officers have been complaining.

The move came abruptly yesterday and without any public notice as to where residents should go or call to file reports, follow up on reports, or where individuals on bail from that area should go to sign in if that’s a condition of their bail.

The notice of the relocation first came unofficially from junior officers after police from the All Saints station allegedly staged a sick-out and others were threatening to follow suit if alternative accommodation was not immediately provided.

OBSERVER media sought to verify their reports and found that calls to the station went unanswered. Acting Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney later confirmed the relocation of “all the services” from the District C station to Liberta.

No specific timeline was given as to how long they would have to remain there but in the interim, the number to call for the All Saints Police is 460-1001. The All Saints Fire Station continues to operate from its All Saints location since that department occupies a separate building on the compound.

Meanwhile, Minister of Public Works, Lennox Weston told OBSERVER media that a lot of work has to be done to get the police station in that District up and running again.

“They of course know we are going to be fixing the court house, do the entire the building, we have agreed to do that, but we have to find a place to relocate them first,” Weston said early yesterday before the police officers upped the ante and demanded immediate action.

The building that houses the All Saints Police Station also accommodates the All Saints Magistrate’s Court, but the latter was relocated in recent weeks due to the same poor conditions to include an infestation of pests, leaking air conditioning units, clogged toilets and broken sinks, in addition to a strong sewage stench permeating the area.

The officers have also reported what is believed to be a scabies outbreak as well as vomiting at the Division C Station.

According to them, the acting top cop met with them recently to discuss the state of the station; however, he is yet to visit for a first-hand look at the issues.

Twenty-three individuals are reportedly assigned to the station – though not all are on duty at the same time.

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