Shooting victim on the mend, assailants continue to evade police

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The Potters man who was shot during an alleged attempted robbery outside his home on Monday morning is recovering well from the injury which was said to be serious but not life threatening.

Victor “Six” Solomon, 47, was shot in the upper right shoulder and the bullet exited his body without causing damage to any major organs, according to a medical report.

He was kept for observation overnight at Mount St. John’s Medical Centre after a minor procedure to repair the damage.

According to police reports, at around 8:30 am on Monday, Solomon left his wife inside their home while he went outside to get something from his vehicle. As he approached the vehicle, two men pulled up in a silver car alongside him, and one of the masked men shouted “gie me all wha yuh hab!” Even before Solomon could react, the masked man opened fire on him.

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