Shooting victim dies

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Just days into the New Year, police must now redouble their efforts to locate the individual/s who shot 42-year-old Alba “Bumba” Coates of Golden Grove, who succumbed yesterday to gunshot injuries he received during the Christmas holidays

Reliable sources have confirmed that Alba passed away around 1:30 pm Tuesday, in the Intensive Care Unit at Mount St John’s Medical Centre.

OBSERVER media made contact with the man’s wife, Juella Coates, but she declined comment.

Alba, who would have celebrated his 43rd birthday on February 4, is survived by his two children.

Police alleged that around 3:45 am on December 26, he and a female companion were asleep at home when they were awakened by the sound of several loud explosions.

He was reportedly shot in his chest and groin area and was transported by the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to the hospital.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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