Sex scandal cop suspended

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Commissioner of Police Wendel Robinson cleared out his office yesterday afternoon soon after receiving his letter of suspension and notice of an investigation into allegations that he made sexual advances towards three junior ranking policemen. It is further alleged that he then victimised the officers after they rejected his advances.
A high-ranking government official told OBSERVER media that the Police Service Commission (PSC) gave the instruction for Robinson’s suspension. The attorney general Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin said he learned of the development when OBSERVER media contacted him yesterday afternoon while he was in a Cabinet meeting.
Up to press time, Robinson had not responded to a request to comment through the only, and usual means  which he uses to communicate with OBSERVER media – Whatsapp – after he was suspended with immediate effect yesterday.
His Whatsapp status was, “The Devil takes many forms but yet it is still the Devil” while his profile image was a logo with the words, “Together we can.”
And, efforts to reach Kelvin John, the chairman of the PSC, to find out the length of the suspension and whether it is with or without pay or half pay, were unsuccessful.
Several of Robinson’s colleagues told OBSERVER media he was at work  up to the time an official of the PSC reportedly hand delivered the letter of suspension and notice of the investigation, to be led by Atlee Rodney, who yesterday, also became the acting commissioner of police, with immediate effect.
Robinson’s colleagues also said they were pleased about his suspension because they felt it was unfair for him to remain in the post while the complaints were before the commission and the official statements by the three affected officers had been leaked to OBSERVER media and the public about a month ago.
Robinson’s suspension came five days to the date when the attorney general wrote to him, requesting that he respond to the allegations made by the officers that he asked at least one of them for sex and offered to pay. Others also claimed he made inappropriate comments about their anatomy, in addition to telling them they needed to engage his requested favours in order to be elevated in the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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