Set high standards for yourself – Shamara

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The Most Outstanding Student for the 2018 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) in Antigua and Barbuda, Shamara Yearwood has challenged students to set high goals for themselves.
Yearwood, who graduated from the Antigua State College (ASC) as the top academic performer for the Advanced Level Department, said that a key to her success was the high standards that she set for herself.
“I think it is important to set high standards for myself. Goal setting was very crucial for my success,” she said in an exclusive interview with OBSERVER media earlier this week.
She added that she has observed that “with some people, instead of going into a test and saying I am going to try get a perfect score, they go into the test and say I want to pass.
“I think that if you set yourself up to just pass, I am not saying that you do not pass but if you [motivate yourself] to get a perfect score, you would have tried your best [to attain it].”
Besides being a top academic, Yearwood also engaged in several extracurricular activities, including the Optimist Club at the Antigua State College, being a volunteer during the Antigua Carnival celebrations and is an avid writer in her free time.
When asked how she was able to handle her studies and her activities, she replied that it was all about time management.
“To balance extracurricular activities and your schoolwork, I think it is important to use every possible moment of free time,” she said, advising people to take advantage of the weekends.

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