Serpent Covid free and ready to work

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Algernon Watts more popularly known as ‘Serpent’ will be back on the airwaves this Saturday to host his show – Serpent in the Snake Pit.

Three weeks ago, Watts who is the Managing Director at News Co Limited tested positive for Covid-19 and had been in isolation.

Today he was informed that he was covid free.

“Today I got the good news that I’m all clear. I’m negative and I’m all clear”, he said.

According to Watts, “I was down for a few days then I rebounded just like that”, adding that he felt ready enough to work but had to wait on confirmation for local health authorities.

It’s good news for him and those who were concerned about him, he said, telling Observer that “he felt the prayers”.

“In as much as I’m happy for myself, I’m happy for those persons who were concerned and worried about what I was going through”, he said.

Watts, who is unvaccinated, said he has to consider his health condition which he chose not to disclose.

“I’ve never said to anyone not to take the vaccine. I said it’s your choice. If you want to take it by all means but if you have reasons why you choose not to take it, I also respect that opinion and I wish that everybody would do likewise”, he explained.

His advice is that other protect themselves and follow what the health experts have to say like sanitizing, washing hands and wearing masks.

“Do all the sensible things you need to do. Protect yourself, immunize your body, strengthen your immune system and exercise”, he advised.   

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