Serial thief commits blatant theft, jailed for a month

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

Convicted thief Dave Henry has been sentenced to one month in Her Majesty’s Prison after he stole from the local superette without any subtlety.

On February 15, the Lower Gambles resident went into a store and stole a number of items to include mac and cheese, deodorant, body spray, lotion and other items, collectively worth $222.57.

The crime was committed at around 10.30am when Henry went to the store and walked through the aisles, picking up over 10 items and putting them into his backpack before leaving without paying.

His explanation for committing the crime was that he was hired by the store owner to sell illegal drugs and, when he realised that it was unlawful he asked for more money, and when the man refused, he decided to steal from him.

“Me min frustrated,” he told Magistrate Conliffe Clarke, saying that he even reported the man to the police.

He then begged the court for a “little break” saying “me have a likkle job now”.

He also said to the magistrate, “Maybe I need some help”. But Clarke likened him to ‘the boy who cried wolf’ since he had been offered help in the past.

Henry has many times appeared before the court on various larceny charges in recent years.

Just last month – on the second day of the year – the convict stole agricultural produce and cleaning tools from a dental clinic.

The produce, which had been growing on the clinic’s premises, were said to be worth $200 while the cleaning tools were valued at $50.

In the end, the 54-year-old was ordered to compensate the victim $200 for praedial larceny and to pay a fine of $50 to the state for the cleaning items.

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