Sentencing of corrupt ex-cops pushed back

Peter Lugay (black T-shirt) and Marcus Isadore (behind in cream shirt) leaving the court in 2017 with police escorts and their lawyers
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By Latrishka Thomas

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The sentencing of two former cops who were found guilty of corruption late last month has been pushed back until next week.

The two crooked ex-cops are Corporal Marcus Isadore, who was 43 years old at the time of committing the offence in 2017, and Peter Lugay who was 23.

The offences relate to holding a farmer at gunpoint and taking illegal drugs from him for their personal gain.

Isadore was charged with omitting to perform his duty and obtaining eight pounds of cannabis for the benefit of himself or another in February 2017.

Both Isadore and Constable were jointly charged with obtaining 29 pounds of cannabis from the same farmer later that month.

In addition, Lugay is said to have used his police weapon in an effort to obtain the drugs, which reportedly have not been accounted for and were never turned over as evidence.

The men – who were previously suspended from their positions and have since been dismissed – were on trial before Justice Ann-Marie Smith until late February this year.

The proceedings saw many witnesses giving their account of the incident.

The attorneys in the matter, Andrew O’Kola for Lugay and Lawrence Daniels for Isadore, tried to convince the judge that their clients were not the ones who committed the offences, arguing that none of the witnesses properly identified the two men.

Justice Smith however believed that the defendants lied, stating that the “witnesses [did] not concoct the story”.

She therefore convicted them of the crime and the pair were due to be sentenced yesterday. They are now set to learn of their fate on May 5.

Corruption carries a maximum sentence of five years while the unlawful use of a firearm could land someone 10 years in prison.

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