Security guard nursing gunshot wound to the mouth

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The 67-year-old security guard who was shot in the face Sunday night while on duty at Robinson’s Service Station is said to be recovering well.
The injured man has been identified as Selvin Yearwood and police sources said though serious, the injury is not life threatening. But, the Sutherlands man will require treatment from a specialist, one source said, to address the damage done since his lips were torn away by the bullet.
According to a witness, a heavily tinted vehicle pulled up into the service station from the All Saints Road section and one of the occupants fired a shot at the unarmed guard.
This occurred around 10 pm.
The witness said the vehicle was still in motion when the masked driver jumped out and began running towards the Food and Supplies Mart and another shot went off.
The driver, realising the vehicle was rolling away, ran back to the vehicle and the witness said that’s when he noticed the rear left passenger door was open and it appeared someone in the seat was pointing a weapon.
The driver sped off on Independence Drive and, according to official police information, the Nissan Versa vehicle used in the crime had allegedly been stolen Friday night.
The police said the vehicle was recovered in St Clair Heights.
Anyone with information is urged to call the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at 462-3913/4 or the nearest police station.

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