Security guard bitten by police dog

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A security officer is now at home recovering from an injury he sustained to his right hand in an attack by one of the police K-9 dogs on Saturday.
Merrick Edwards, 46, told OBSERVER media that while he was on duty at the V. C. Bird International Airport, the dog launched an unprovoked attack shortly after 2.20 p.m.
Edwards said he was working at the Virgin Atlantic cargo hold when the police came into the area with the dog to search passengers’ luggage.
“The officer came and pulled the cord and [made] the dogs go inside and jump on the bags and smell. While doing that, I was still observing the guys in the cargo hold and after that I saw the officer come around and stand up with the pen and the [dog] and I just felt something jump and grabbed me and pulled and jumped off. It happened so quick and I just felt the blood pouring out my hand,” he said.
Edwards said he remained calm because he was certain the dog would have attacked him again had he responded in fright or fear.
The man said the dog’s handlers immediately restrained the animal and an ambulance was called to transport him to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre. Edwards said the bite left two punctures in his arm that was still swollen and bleeding up to yesterday.
Edwards said he waited “about four hours” to see the doctor and he was sent back to the waiting room for another “30 minutes”. He said the hospital did not have the tetanus vaccine and he was kept waiting another half-hour outside the emergency room.
Wilbur Purcell managing director of Special Security Services told OBSERVER media that arrangements were made for Edwards to obtain further medical attention at a private facility where he received a tetanus shot.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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