Security guard arrested over suspected theft from hotel guest

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A 20-year-old woman who in recent months got a job after asking for help on Facebook to find one, is likely to lose the same job over allegations she stole electronics from a hotel guest on Thursday.

She was arrested the same night of the incident. According to a police source, the guest at Galley Bay Resort left her room shortly after 7 Thursday night and returned about an hour later and could not find her I-phone 10 and Go Pro Camera, valued a total of US $1,800. She had left the items in her room.

The theft was reported to the hotel’s manager who summoned the police immediately and the workers and security were barred from leaving their posts.

The source said the police questioned several people after they found that there was no forced entry to the hotel room. Several people were questioned, including the suspect, but no one admitted to the offence. According to the police source, evidence obtained at the hotel resulted in the young woman becoming the prime suspect, so she was taken to the Gray’s Farm Police Station for further questioning.

When the cops arrived at the station with the suspect, they reportedly searched her again but found nothing. They then searched the area where she was seated and found the electronics hidden in a pocket on the seat that was in front of where the security guard had been sitting en route to the station.

The suspect is said to be from Gray’s Farm.

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