Secondary schools spared major rain damage

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By Theresa Goodwin

[email protected]

The heavy downpours which drenched the country on Monday and Tuesday caused little to no structural damage to public secondary schools.

“Only minor structural damages were reported for the public secondary schools and the Board of Education is presently seeking to address all the issues identified,” education officer Denise Mills said.

Mills explained that only a few minor issues were reported following an inspection of the different institutions on Wednesday by BoE officials and principals.

The problems included a flooded pump room at Pares Secondary School which was resolved on Wednesday. Education officials are also seeking to repair a fallen dry wall celling at Antigua Girls’ High School.

“St Mary’s Secondary School was of concern due to the fact that construction is ongoing. The principal explained that usually the yard is like a swimming pool after heavy rain. However, it appears that the drainage system that is being put in place is working,” Mills said.

Water entered some of the classrooms at Jennings, Irene B Williams, Clare Hall and All Saints secondary schools.

Mills added that several private secondary schools resumed classes on Wednesday with the exception of Baptist Academy of Antigua which reopened on Tuesday.

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