Second Wanted man surrenders after escaping and setting dog on police

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Sevorn Burton who was listed as “wanted” by police over the weekend has surrendered. The police confirmed last night that he turned himself in yesterday afternoon at the Langfords Police Station in the company of a lawyer.
It means now that both he and Tristan “Benz” Armstrong are in custody since Armstrong surrendered on Monday, two days after the wanted bulletin was also issued for him.
Police went to arrest Burton early Saturday morning and came close to catching him but he allegedly let loose a pitbull on them, forcing them to put down the aggressive animal while he escaped on foot and outran those who pursued until they lost sight of him.
The 27-year-old man was hiding in an abandoned property in Seaview Farm when several police officers went there to arrest him in connection with robberies, kidnapping, unlawful possession of weapons and drugs, among other things.
However, sources close to the matter said the police approached the house from one side, as opposed to surrounding it, and as they got closer to the eastern side, Burton jumped out a window on the southern side, but not before letting the dog loose on the cops.
The source said the police shot the dog, killing it on the spot and they chased the suspect who fled into a bushy area and disappeared.
Inside Burton’s hiding place, the police found 36 rounds of 9mm ammunition and five shot gun cartridges.
Additionally, they found over 20 pounds of marijuana and dozens of cannabis plants.
A cellular phone, duct tape, gloves, mask and personal items bearing the name of the wanted man were found.
The police also seized two vehicles, the source said, which were parked on the property.
Drugs and money were found hidden inside one of the vehicles.
It was after this incident the police put out the wanted bulletin for his arrest Saturday afternoon since he was already a suspect in relation to several crimes.

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