Second ‘wanted man’ charged, remanded for illegal bullets and drugs

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Eight charges for possession of illegal bullets and drugs were filed against Sevorn Burton days after the items were found in an abandoned house in which he had been hiding from the police.

The 27-year-old man, who surrendered to the police earlier this week, was remanded to prison yesterday after he appeared before Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards at the All Saints Magistrate’s Court to answer to the alleged offences.

The charges are possession of 22 pounds of cannabis, intent to transfer the drugs, supply of cannabis and drug trafficking. Then, there are charges of possession and cultivation of 157 cannabis plants.

Additionally, he is accused of the unlawful possession of five 12-gauge shotgun cartridges and unlawful possession of 35 rounds of 9-millimetre range full jacket ammunition.

The police said the offences occurred on March 9, the day they went to arrest Burton who had been hiding in the abandoned property in Sea View Farm.

Some of the items were allegedly found inside the house after Burton let loose a pitbull on the cops and escaped. The police shot the dog dead and chased the suspect but he managed to evade them.

They continued their search of the property and allegedly found more drugs in a vehicle he had parked outside.

Days later he surrendered after a wanted bulletin was issued for his arrest, which described him as armed and extremely dangerous.

The charges against Burton were filed a day after lawmen also charged Tristan “Benz” Armstrong with larceny of a $10,000 car and a tool box worth just over $3,300.

The police issued a wanted bulletin for him via the same press release on Saturday in which Burton was mentioned.

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