Second defendant in 2016 killing of Syrian businessman gets 12 years

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

More than six years after Syrian national Mazen Daher was shot dead, the second person involved in the tragedy was finally sentenced.

Ian Daniels of Skerritts Pasture was yesterday sentenced to 12 years behind bars with time served to be considered.

That means that he will only spend another five years, six months and 22 days in Her Majesty’s Prison.

The incident occurred on 23 April, 2016 sometime after 11pm, when Daniels and Corey Mills, of Clare Hall, went to a restaurant on Old Parham Road owned by the deceased, brandishing a firearm.

During the robbery, Mills shot and killed the business owner and both men were observed making their escape through an alley nearby.

The police were contacted after persons heard the gunshot and went into the restaurant

Upon investigating the matter, the men were taken into custody

In a statement, Mills told the police that the other defendant was the mastermind but he was given the gun and told to shoot Daher if he caused a scene.

He said Daher put up a fight when Daniels demanded money from him and he was consequently instructed to shoot him, so he shot him in his chest before grabbing some money and running.

Mills claimed that he gave the gun back to Daniels who returned it to the person he borrowed it from.

Daniels, on the other hand, told the police and he agreed to participate in the robbery and Mills went to the deceased, took his phone and the business owner started to resist.

When he heard the gunshot, he took the money and ran, he said.

Daher was shot once in his chest causing injury to his heart and right lung  

In July 2020 Mills entered a guilty plea to murder and was sentenced to 21 years imprisonment by Justice Ann-Marie Smith, a sentence which will be reviewed in 10 years.

Daniels had admitted to manslaughter since the evidence revealed that he was not the shooter.

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