Home The Big Stories Search underway for seven Indian nationals missing in A&B  

Search underway for seven Indian nationals missing in A&B  

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India’s honorary consul to Antigua and Barbuda says he is concerned by the apparent disappearance of seven Indian nationals in the twin island nation.

Vijay Tewani told Observer this morning (TUES) he had asked immigration officials for a full report into the events that transpired, which he had been assured would be forthcoming.

The group arrived legally in the twin island nation on May 5, in transit to another Caribbean island.

They had reservations at a local hotel for their transit stayover, tickets for the onward journey and finance to support their travels. 

However, for reasons that remain unclear, before their scheduled departure from Antigua, the travellers learnt that they would be unable to make their onward journey and were advised to book return tickets to the country from which they had transited here. 

They were due to leave on May 6 and proceeded to a local hotel to spend the night.

However, they failed to show up for their flight sparking concern for their wellbeing.

The Department of Immigration said in a statement released today that it had issued alerts to the relevant authorities, with officials trying to ascertain their whereabouts.



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