Sean Bird still has ‘utmost respect’ for Sir Lester

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Radio boss and UPP political hopeful Sean Bird has declined to comment further on the very public row between himself and his uncle Sir Lester Bird.

The most senior member of the Bird family has totally distanced himself from his nephew who was recently confirmed as a candidate for the main opposition party.

Former ALP prime minister and national hero Sir Lester said he is dead set against the move by Sean Bird, managing director of Grenville Radio Limited, which runs ZDK.

Sean will represent the UPP in the St John’s Rural East constituency in the next general elections, coming up against another family member, Maria Bird-Browne.

Sir Lester used the airwaves of ZDK on Tuesday when he called in to host Sly J’s morning show to indicate that he will be taking ⁿsteps” to remove his nephew from his management position at ZDK, formerly funded by the ALP administration.

The younger Bird also used the same airwaves to respond to Sir Lester’s comments.

Maintaining that he has the outmost respect for his uncle, he suggested that the matter could have been dealt with by a personal phone call instead of the public airwaves.

Bird added that he gave up his professional career to ensure ZDK’s survival.

When Observer contacted Sir Lester for further discussion on the matter he said he stands by his on-air statement.

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