Schools and daycares get ready to reopen next week

Social distancing assembly at Antigua Girls’ High School.
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Dozens of preschools, daycares and primary and secondary schools have completed the inspection process required for reopening on September 7.

Chief Health Inspector Sharon Martin told state media today that teachers and other school staff have also received special health and safety training.

“The total number of daycares and preschools registered is 49 and we have inspected those that are registered. The total number of caregivers who have received training in food safety is 99. The others will be trained in short time,” Martin said.

“The total number of schools, both private and public, that are registered and listed to be inspected are 59, plus two in Barbuda. The total number of primary and secondary schools inspected by CBH so far is 12.

“We have also gone on to teach cleaners, principals and teachers. We have done refresher courses on cough etiquette, respiratory hygiene, proper wearing of masks, cleaning and disinfection of the school building,” Martin explained.

More than 200 food vendors who ply their trade outside schools have also completed coronavirus-related hygiene and safety training.

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