Schoolboy trapped in another SIC elevator

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A schoolboy was trapped in another elevator in a building owned by the State Insurance Company (SIC).
Yesterday’s incident which lasted “approximately 45 minutes” for the Antigua Grammar School second former came days after a Ministry of Legal Affairs, Public Safety and Labour employee was stuck in one of SIC’s buildings.
The child told OBSERVER media he and an older sibling went to visit their father when he became stuck.
“I asked his co-worker for him and they said he went out to lunch, so I went into the elevator and pressed the button, the door closed but the elevator didn’t move. I pressed the button and then held down the bell,” the youth explained.
The young man recounted that he had become trapped on the first floor at approximately 2:10 p.m.
The adolescent said his older sibling realised what transpired, and their father was called, while the maintenance team worked to free the child.
He recalled being so hot during his entrapment, that he had to remove his shirt while he waited.
“He managed to get [the] door partially open while the guys worked to get him out. His dad was there speaking to him from outside the door. He was okay when he came out so his dad just took him home,” a relative of the youngster said.
OBSERVER media contacted Dornalyn Beazer, assistant manager of public relations and marketing at SIC, last evening and she was unaware of the incident because she had been out of the officer for part of the day, but, she promised to look into the matter.

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