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Education Ministry says consent is required for children taking the Pfizer shot

Ministry of Education officials are reminding parents and guardians that consent must be given in order for students to be vaccinated at schools.

The student vaccination schedule commenced Wednesday afternoon and will run for one week at select public institutions of learning, making it convenient for pupils that are eligible to be inoculated with the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

Director of Education, Clare Browne, said that the Ministry expects some students will be accompanied to the vaccination sites by adults, but for those who are unaccompanied, they are required to produce a consent form that was distributed by the schools.

That form must be signed by the parent/guardian, or the child must have a signed letter giving approval for the vaccine to be administered to him or her.

The Pfizer vaccine was distributed at Jennings Secondary School yesterday, and will be administered today and Friday at the Ottos Comprehensive School and the Sir Novelle Richards Academy respectively. Princess Margaret, the  Antigua Girls High, and the All Saints Secondary Schools are listed for next week.

Students from other public and private institutions in the vicinity of those previously listed schools will also be allowed to take the jab.


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