School Meals staff protest working conditions

Students at the Golden Grove Primary School enjoying their lunches after service resumed at the site on Monday

School Meals staff at the Golden Grove Primary School staged protest action refusing to serve meals.

The workers left the job early on Monday after being advised to do so.

President of the Antigua Trades & Labour Union, Wigley George said the workers were upset over the conditions at the School Meals Center at the school, claiming that it was unsanitary to serve food there. They complained of dirty water backing up in the centre where meals are served and poorly working pipes.

They further contended that the building was infested with mosquitoes and exhibited signs of moss growing the floor and walls.

George said some workers were given the option to leave, while officials addressed unsanitary conditions at the school.

Speaking on ZDK Monday morning, George said the workers were “fed up.”

“They have to serve this food to the students inside this place that is unsanitary and as a result of that they decide they weren’t going to be taking part in this situation today (Monday).”

Officials at the School Meals Programme were then alerted and the workers given leave.

“To the workers surprise, the manager of School Meals came to the site, did not interact with them, but spoke to the supervisor who advised them that they should all leave,” he said. “If they don’t want to work, go home.”

Despite being told to leave, George maintained that the workers would be paid in full for the day.

Staff has since reported that their concerns about the centre have been addressed by the Public works Department and school meals were eventually served.



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