School closures on Election Day

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At least one private school has announced closure on Election Day, March 21st.
The Board of Directors of the Christ the King High School is advising all parents, guardians, students and staff that there will be no classes on Wednesday 21st March, 2018.
The school said that it made the decision after consultation with the Board, and the notice was issued early to give parents sufficient time to plan for the care of their children on that day.
The government has already announced the closure of all public schools on Election Day since most of the school buildings will be used as polling stations.
A notice from Clare Browne, director of education, was circulated to school principals last week.
Meanwhile, for those who do not yet know it, Thursday March 22nd will be a national holiday.
This would be in accordance with the amendment to the Public Holidays Act in 2014 which declared that the day after a general election would be a holiday.

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