School closure extended

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Schools are to be closed for another three weeks, following a review of Antigua and Barbuda’s plans to protect citizens and residents from the spread of COVID-19.

A release from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology states: “Informed by the evolving COVID-19 contingencies, public and private schools along with all other educational institutions are tentatively scheduled to reopen on 20th April, 2020.”

Teachers will continue to facilitate learning remotely.

Meanwhile, the ministry states that the National School Meals Programme will continue to ensure that the most economically vulnerable students receive meals.

The ministry also advised parents to “continue to rigorously manage the whereabouts of your children during this period and insist that they avoid gatherings of more than 4-5 persons.”

In addition to other educational platforms already in use in schools, the following are suggested and are eligible for supplemental funding from the Ministry of Education for school-wide subscriptions: Google Classroom –; IXL Personalized Learning –; Moodle –; Schoology –; Edmodo –; Sakai –; Showbie –; Castle Learning –; iTunes U –; Canvas –; Pearson –

For more info on COVID-19 visit; or dial the COVID-19 Hotline at (268) 484-2712.

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