School children get a helping hand through the work of MSJ Charity

These are just a small fraction of the school supplies that the MSJ Charity has donated.
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By Carlena Knight

As the Covid pandemic rages on, many non-profit organisations, churches, individuals, charities and prominent government officials have been stepping up in a major way and giving back to those in need.

Joining that ever-growing list is the MSJ charity founded by Antiguan, Patricia Lloyd-Jackson, who earlier this week, through the assistance of her relative, Lawrence Lloyd, and a local community group, gifted many students in the Johnsons Point and Crabbe Hill communities as they prepared to return to the classroom.

“We are still reaching out to other communities as well because we have a lot of books and packages for both primary and secondary school students,” Lawrence said.

The Queens, New York resident, since last year, has been giving back to the country after being urged to do so by the many hardships she witnessed in the country due to the pandemic.

At the time, Lloyd-Jackson funded all of these donations from her own pocket, but in recent times, others have come on board to expand the programs.

“She doesn’t really like to be in the spotlight, but it’s truly amazing to continuously give back. For the past donations, I can say that a lot of the parents have been grateful thus far for what she has been doing, but we just wanted to let the public know that there are still those in the diaspora who are giving back to Antigua,” Lawrence added.

“We are hoping to continue the work as we all must be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers,” Lawrence said.

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