Sargassum and garbage causing a stink in Parham

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By Machela Osagboro

A man operating a garbage haulage business in the residential area of Parham village has resumed commercial activities – despite being ordered by the Development Control Authority (DCA) to stop.  

Huge piles of sargassum seaweed and other waste left overnight at the site is said to be causing a foul smell in the area, much to the discontent of local residents.

“Just about August last year, a gentleman brought in a truck and three big skips. He told me he was going to move them but now he is operating a business from there,” one private resident, Hugh Smithen, told OBSERVER radio on Wednesday.

Sometimes, the garbage is left there for as long as a week, Smithen continued.

He claimed the business was causing air and noise pollution, and poses the threat of respiratory problems.

DCA officials confirmed that a stop order was placed on the fence of the property last summer instructing the land owner that he was to cease and desist from all commercial activities in the residential area.

But, Smithen said, the business resumed again in December.

Assistant Chief Town and Country Planner, Clement Antonio, told OBSERVER on Thursday that inspectors had been sent back to assess the situation.

In an attempt to soothe residents’ concerns, Antonio spoke with Smithen, apologised for the inconvenience and assured him that the DCA would seek a prompt resolution to the situation.

Antonio also told OBSERVER media that the department had been trying unsuccessfully to contact the business operator.  

OBSERVER media also visited the property and a disgruntled Smithen presented photographs apparently showing the trucks carrying sargassum, and of a worker spraying an unidentified chemical said to have seeped into a neighbour’s property.  

Smithen added that residents were concerned the substance could present a health risk.

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