Sandals Grande Antigua Resort ordered to settle $20,000 payout in unfair dismissal case

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The Dickenson Bay Hotel trading as Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa has been given until this Thursday to settle a $20,000 payout to a former employee, Boycatt Baltimore, who claimed unfair dismissal. 

The industrial court reached this decision last month, highlighting procedural flaws in the termination of Baltimore’s employment.

Baltimore, a cook who had been with the company since 2009 was accused of conspiring to steal one case of shrimp and one case of salmon in August 2015. 

The hotel management, citing serious misconduct, terminated his employment. However, the Industrial Court found that there were significant shortcomings in the procedures followed during Baltimore’s dismissal.

According to court documents, Baltimore, holding the position of kitchen supervisor, was temporarily reassigned to the Butcher Shop to cover for a colleague on vacation. During this period, meat from the butcher shop went missing, only to be later discovered in a garbage compactor.

Baltimore was placed on a five-day suspension pending an in-house investigation. However, the court revealed that during the initial meeting, no specific allegations were made against Baltimore. The findings of the investigation were only disclosed to him when he was dismissed, and no disciplinary hearing was convened.

The court ruled in favor of Baltimore, stating that the adverse statements made against him, the absence of a disciplinary hearing, and the lack of procedural fairness were sufficient grounds to deem his dismissal unfair.

As a result, the Dickenson Bay Hotel, trading as Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa, has been directed to settle a $20,000 payout to Boycatt Baltimore by this Thursday.

The industrial court however does not have enforcement powers and as a result, if the business does not pay, Baltimore will have to take his case to the High Court.

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