Salvation Army launches Christmas Kettle drive

The annual Christmas Kettle event was launched yesterday. Members of the Salvation Army and the Salvation Army Advisory Board were in attendance (Photo courtesy Ken Isaac)
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By Carlena Knight

[email protected]

As the countdown to Christmas 2021 gets underway, the Salvation Army launched its staple festive event, the Christmas Kettle initiative, yesterday.

A brief ceremony was held outside Epicurean Fine Foods and Pharmacy on Friars Hill Road.

The Salvation Army will be depending on the public to assist in its efforts to raise EC$160,000. The money will help fund several of its community outreach programmes to include their feeding program and food package distribution drive.

Last year, the charity surpassed its EC$150,000 goal and it is hoped that the same feat will be accomplished in 2021.

Members of the general public are also being encouraged to volunteer their time towards the Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle initiative.

The limited number of volunteers has been an ongoing issue for the group but a renewed call is being made by Interim Chairperson of the Advisory Board Shawn Nicholas.

Not only is Nicholas calling on individuals to donate their time but she is calling on both sports and community groups to come forward as there are several stations that need volunteers.

“The Salvation Army as you know depends on the community for support, both financial and human resources. Certainly, we are looking at human service organisations, sports clubs, church groups, to come forward and support the Army in these efforts because there are a number of stations where we have the kettles and the success of the kettle drive will be as a result of persons coming forward and giving time to man these kettles,” Nicholas told Observer on Friday.

Interested persons can notify the Salvation Army at its Long Street office and share what day and time they would be available to man the locations.

Kettles will be stationed outside Epicurean Fine Foods and Pharmacy, First Choice Supermarket, Shoul’s Toys, Gifts and Housewares, Perry Bay Supermarket, Shoul’s Chief Store, Chase Supermarket and Cost Pro.

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