Sale of cruise tickets performing well

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Ticket sales are said to be performing well as plans advance for Crystal Cruise lines to begin homeporting operations in Antigua and Barbuda beginning this summer.

Travelers eager to sail the region were able to begin making bookings on the 20th of April.

General Manager of Antigua Cruise Port, Dona Regis Prosper says the authority is ready to implement the necessary protocols and services and to retrain staff.

“The line is eager to start their operations in Antigua. Granted, this is not an ideal selling world but the cruise line has indicated that they’re pretty happy with the progress and it’s a positive track as it relates to cruise sales for the cruise out of Antigua”, she shared.

Beginning on the 5th of August and running through December, the Crystal Symphony will depart Antigua, then make stops in Barbados, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Maarten and the British Virgin Islands.

Meanwhile, cruise operators and officials have been stressing the need for cruise industry insiders to get vaccinated to support the return of the industry, projected for the summer.

Regis-Prosper says Antigua Cruise Port is supporting the government’s efforts to get residents vaccinated.

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