Sailing Week move sits well with taxi operators

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Sailing Week after party move sits well with taxi operators Taxi drivers are elated that after party for Antigua Sailing Week, one of the Caribbean’s most prominent regattas, has been moved from Nelson’s Dockyard back to Dickenson Bay.
Hulester “Moody” Thwaites, former head driver with the National Taxi Association, said he spoke with several of his colleagues and the consensus is one of satisfaction, as this is what they have been calling for since the event was shifted to English Harbour about seven years ago.
He said, “This is needed to give the different vendors a chance to make some money; the taxi drivers a chance to make some money; and give a different atmosphere to Sailing Week so the visitors would see different areas of the island. The way it was set up seems like it was for restaurants around [the Dockyard] to make their money and it seems like it is a franchise around here between the groups.”
Thwaites said he would also like to see the organisers rotate the after-party event to several other locations each year.
“I think it needs to be moved around Antigua. It is not like it used to be in the past where we would go to Dickenson Bay, then Jolly Harbour, and Curtain Bluff so there is some movement across the country.
That way, vendors from all the areas benefit and other businesses benefit,” he explained.

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