Sagicor rolls out insurance plan for health care workers

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By Carlena Knight

As the world celebrated International Nurses Day yesterday, one private corporation stepped forward in a show of support.

Via a virtual press conference on Tuesday morning, Sagicor launched an insurance plan for health care workers — dubbed the Sagicor Health Care Heroes Group Insurance Plan – in all markets in the region, except Curacao.

“We recognise that heroes don’t just exist in movies but in life with us. Our heroes are in the frontline workers and include those in health care, food, transportation, sanitation and protective services sectors,” said president and CEO of Sagicor Life Ravi Rambarran.

“We are here today to talk about our heroes in the health care industry. We believe that, consistent with our vision to improve the lives of the communities in which we operate, it is our duty to recognise our heroes. Every day our doctors, our nurses, our pharmacists, the administrative staff and their families across the public and private health care sectors put themselves in harm’s way to take the fight to Covid-19. Our heroes are our people and we are honoured to be there for them.”

The group plan is the first in a series of ventures that Sagicor will be rolling out to assist frontline workers during the pandemic.

 Although the plan focusses on healthcare workers solely, and not all frontline workers, it will be offered to their families and business entities as well.

 It will include a 20 percent complimentary cover and will feature three benefit packages for accidental death, critical illnesses and life. The Covid-19 virus does not fall under the 10 critical illnesses qualification for this plan.

The coverage and premiums will vary in the regional markets, but for the OECS member states, level one will see $250,000 coverage for life, $250,000 for accidental deaths, and $100,000 for critical illnesses.

Level two offers $500,000 coverage for life, $500,00 coverage for accidental deaths and 150,000 for critical illnesses, while level three provides $1 million coverage for life, $1 million for accidental deaths, and $300,000 for critical illnesses.

Those groups who sign on for the plan, depending on which tier they choose, will also see a variance in their required payment per month. For those signing on for level one, it will be $88; level two, $155; and level three, $310.

Due to the fact that this is a group plan, Sagicor officials are “encouraging nurses, orderlies, pharmacists to engage with their associations to reach out”.

More information on the plan will be forthcoming in later days or interested groups are asked to contact their local Sagicor office.

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