Safe weather ahead for now, says meteorologist

Weather graphic being circulated on social media.
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By Makeida Antonio

[email protected]

A meteorologist has reassured residents that there is “nothing to worry about” concerning the current weather forecast.

Commenting on a graphic being circulated on social media, Dale Destin said that the weather systems currently out in the Atlantic do not pose a threat to Antigua and Barbuda and the rest of the Caribbean.

“There is nothing unusual here other than some seemingly trying to scare persons. There is one tropical cyclone present — Hurricane Larry — which is not a threat to the Caribbean. Also, there is only one other area of interest, Invest 92L, and this now has a near 0 percent chance of formation,” Destin told Observer yesterday.

Weather outlook for the Eastern Caribbean as at Friday 3 September, 2021 (photo courtesy Dale Destin)

With regards to hurricane preparedness, Destin said there were no further update sat the time.

“We have nothing to worry about, at this time and there is nothing new to say regarding preparedness for the hurricane season.”

September is traditionally the peak month for the Atlantic Hurricane Season, which occurs annually between June and November.

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