Rotary Club of Antigua establishes its first Earlyact Club in Antigua

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Earlyact is a school base service club sponsored by Rotary for primary school students ages 5 to 13.

On May 11, 2023, the Club and Five Islands Primary School created history through the official organization of the first Earlyact Club established in Antigua.

Earlyact teaches students respect, empathy, tolerance, caring, citizenship, compassion, responsibility, leadership, perseverance, friendship and teamwork.

The mission of Earlyact is to promote goodwill, understanding and peace through the active participation of the student members so that with committed citizenship and effective leadership, they may improve the quality of life of their school, local and global communities.

Assistant Governor, Evangeline Allen in her remarks on behalf of District Governor Leslie Ramdhanny, congratulated the Principal and staff of FIPS for embracing and supporting the project from its inception, noting that FIPS Earlyact Club was the 5th such Club to be organized in the District. The AG assured FIPS that the District will be there for any future assistance needed.

FIPS Principal Mr. Alden James in his remarks said that FIPS was pleased to be a part of the Earlyact Club  as Rotary celebrate their 50th Anniversary under the theme ‘Imagine Rotary’.  

He continued, “Life is a cycle.  A seed grows into a plant, matures, reproduces and eventually dies.  Even so, clubs like these must reproduce for their survival.  Good habits are honed early.  One does not just wake up and decides to do good but practices even from an early age.  Thus, becoming a part of such a club is a good way to start”.

President Ilean gave a brief history of the Club and paused to recognize our fallen advisor, the late teacher Francille Davis who was very supportive of the Earlyact Club from inception.  The pledge was then read to the 14 Earlyactors who responded with an acronym of EARLYACT!

Earlyact Advisor #2, Teacher Rackell Myers gave a brief rundown of the 10 weeks activities leading up to the Earlyact induction ceremony.  She too was quite happy and excited to be associated with the Earlyact Club.

The appointed Executive for the first year is Lashane Benjamin-President, Jashawn Phillip -Vice President, Shaniah Southwell – Secretary, Dante Reid – Treasurer, Odessa Carr – Community Service Director

Rotary Club of Antigua wishes our Earlyactors the very best in the future.  The Club will continue to work and mold our Earlyactors into being the best leaders they can be.

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