Room for growth: Sports Director believes Inter-schools has potential to grow amidst favourable reviews

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Director of Sports Heather Samuel Daley, enjoys a light moment during last weekend’s Inter-schools Track & Field Championships. (Ministry of Sports photo)
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By Neto Baptiste

Director of Sports Heather Samuel Daley, amidst favourable reviews following last weekend’s Cool & Smooth sponsored Inter-schools Track & Field Championships, believes there is room for growth.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo sports show following the event held at the YASCO Sports Complex from March 8-10, Daley pointed to needed improvements at the country’s lone track and field facility and the potential to bring new events to the fore as two key areas that could stimulate growth.

“We are still growing and if we collaborate some more with other persons and other stakeholders, we can have a product that will rival anyone in the Caribbean but I think that once we can improve on the facilities and we have more persons coming to watch and once we can convince the schools to participate in the training sessions available to them that we will have better quality athletes coming out. Also just tidying up and tightening up some of the security measures and we attempted to do that this year and it worked quite well and some of the other technical issues,” she said. 

Daley, a former national sprinter who has represented the twin-island state at a number of major international meets to include the Olympic Games and the World Championships, however believes that schools and their athletes must take full advantage of the free training made available by the ministry’s coaches if they are to be more competitive.

“As the ministry, we have coaches who are available for training sessions and I did hear Mr Foster Roberts pleading with the students and parents to allow them to come out to train, so in the field events, we need to tighten up and get better performances there. We expect to see more persons taking part in some of the events because some of the events only had three and four persons,” she said.

“In addition to that, there are some events that are not on schedule and I would love to see that we introduce, even for next year, steeplechase, because we have a steeplechase area now. I would love to see us get some hurdles so we could start doing some 100 meters hurdles and 400 meters hurdles and then we have another field event we would love to introduce,” she added.

The director also commended the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda for the security measure utilised during the event.

“The security measures were really good and some parents came right here [Ministry of Sports] to tell us that and even though we were saying no bags we made a little adjustment and kept persons bags for $5 and it worked out really well. So I am happy that persons were satisfied we were able to secure their property during the meet,” Daley said.

The Princess Margaret School (PMS) captured both boys and girls titles at the event. It is a third consecutive title for the school in both categories.

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