Roman Mussabekov still missing five years later

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Roman Mussabekov arrived in Antigua on May 15, 2017 and has been missing since.
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Five years after her son, Roman Mussabekov, went missing after vacationing in Antigua, Marina Bezborodova still remains hopeful that he will be found.

Mussabekov arrived in Antigua on May 15, 2017 and was staying in the Hodges Bay area, before reportedly taking a taxi to English Harbour the next day.

According to his mother – who allegedly spoke with the taxi driver who transported her son – he disembarked close to the Antigua Yacht Club Marina. 

After that ride, Mussabekov was never seen again and his family has since been trying desperately to either locate him, or get any useful information on his whereabouts.

The distraught mother made is making a fifth appeal for help today which marks exactly five years since her son disappeared without a trace.

“I hear his voice, I still remember his smell and I still hope that he would come back alive and healthy. We are missing him. I’m waiting for him ever single minute. I pray you to have a look at his photos and if anyone remembers that they saw my son, I beg you, let me know. My number is +1-514- 882-9319.”

Several cases of a similar nature have been reported over the years.

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