Rodney: Cricket Association In Dialogue With CWI Over Super 50

Combined Campuses are the defending champions for the Regional Super 50. (CWI photo)
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By Neto Baptiste

The Antigua and Barbuda Cricket Association (ABCA) is in dialogue with Cricket West Indies (CWI) over possibly hosting the Regional Super 50 cricket tournament likely to be held in February next year.

This is according to president of the ABCA, Leon Rodney, who said that discussions are still in infancy stage. He however remained vague as to any details regarding the talks.

“We are in discussions with CWI but there has been no bidding and it’s sounding good so far [but] let’s just leave all of that until when we or CWI are able to put it out and say, the Super 50 will be held in Antigua or x, y, z and this is what will take place,” he said. 

CEO of Cricket West Indies, Johnny Grave, recently hinted that the tournament could be held in a single country as opposed to its usual format which saw matches spread across several countries.

Last week, the Antigua and Barbuda government announced an easing of restrictions on competitive cricket, paving the way for the national association to host its first tournament since March.

Speculations are that the move is in preparations to bid for and hopefully host the regional tournament.

Rodney said the cricket association will seek to host its national competitions in the windows around the regional calendar.

“I can’t tell you if the Super 40 will come before the Two Day because I think that most of the clubs and the cricket committee are satisfied with playing the Two Day before the Super50 was an ideal stuff that we did last year. However, we have discussed it and it is under review because if we are going to be having the Super 50 around the time we would have started our local tournament, it may be best to go with the Super40 first,” he said.

The cricket association will host its 10 Splash Cricket Tournament in December with all matches scheduled for the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground.

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