Rodney: Cricket Association elections imminent

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The Antigua and Barbuda Cricket Association (ABCA) is urging its members to be patient as they await the completion of audited financial statements which would allow the body to move swiftly into the long awaited annual general meeting (AGM) and constitutionally due elections.
President of the ABCA, Leon “Kuma” Rodney, said he is not fearful of members becoming disinterested in the elections despite the lengthy delay.
“I am sure that once we promote the elections that the members who would want to be involved, would be paid up and ready to participate. You can judge from what you have seen. What I have to report is that we are still looking at the finances and we are almost there and once we get there then everybody will know about it,” he said. 
There have been several delays to the delivery of the audited statements, with the association’s auditing firm seeking a number of extensions.
Rodney sought to explain the challenges faced by the association.
“Some little technical stuff just needs to be sorted out but we are getting there. It is recommended, based on what they are seeing, that they are going to need a little time to just be able to distinguish some stuff and what I would l just simply say is that the auditors are working feverishly based on the deadline that some stuff that were supposed to have been in one year ended up in the other year and so forth so they are just trying to finalise it. At the end of the day, we want to give the assurance that we are not holding on to power,” the cricket boss said.
Although Rodney was hesitant to identify a possible date for the AGM, reports have indicated that the meeting could take place within the next four to five weeks.

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