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The day after the Police Service Commission (PSC) penned a letter to the suspended Commissioner of Police informing him of its intent to terminate him, Wendel Robinson’s response to OBSERVER media conveyed a sense of confusion as he described the action taken by the PSC as “very odd”.
The letter, dated 15th October, 2019, and signed by PSC Chairman Kelvin John Esq, stated that Commissioner Robinson would be terminated, “in the public interest” and because of “a very [fractious] relationship with the Minister with responsibility for the Police”.

Speaking with OBSERVER media, Robinson said: “The Police Service Commission [is] acting on a third strand where they are speaking of the relationship between the minister and I. And, on that third strand, I am seeking legal advice on the matter.

“I am not sure whether or not there is that ‘public interest’ that would appeal to proper process in light of all that is happening, that that ‘public interest’ requirement is satisfied.”

Robinson had been suspended twice before. The first was on April 5, 2018, but that was overturned one week later on April 12, 2018 after he successfully appealed the suspension in court. However, that same day, the PSC slapped Robinson with a second suspension, for which the embattled top cop was again given leave of appeal.

The call up date for the appeal hearing was set for December 2019, and a trial date had been set for January 2020.

Despite the pending court cases surrounding the Police Commissioner’s unceremonious suspensions, and his now pending dismissal, Robinson said: “[The Police Service Commission] has not, to date, responded to my affidavit where I challenged the second suspension, and one may consider that as very odd.

“Having successfully challenged the first suspension, I am still challenging the second suspension based on the allegations levied against me and … which are still looming in the air.”

The PSC, in its letter, also indicated that it wished to meet with Robinson to receive his “representations” during a meeting slated for 25th October, 2019 during which it will formally express its intent to end his tenure as the Commissioner of Police, following which it will make “a final determination on the matter by 31st October 2019”.

With regards to his next possible course of action, the Commissioner of Police said: “I am considering all legal options available to me. And I am not sure what [final] option I would take because I am actually in discussion with my attorney.

“So, I wouldn’t want to say anything more than what I have already indicated,” Robinson concluded.

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