Robbery victim recounts knife attack by masked duo

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Janet Velazquez is still living in fear after she was injured by two men with knives who also robbed her of her vehicle outside her Gray’s Farm home in the wee hours of December 10. The 42-year-old woman told OBSERVER media yesterday that the police recovered her Nissan Torreno SUV, A41821 somewhere in Belmont on Monday, but she was yet to go to the station to see whether it was damaged or whether any of the items she had in it when it was stolen, were still there.
According to the businesswoman – who sells and delivers clothing, costume, jewellery and other items – she was at home with her partner when they decided to leave the house to get something to eat. “It was after 1 am, I got hungry and my boyfriend and I went to buy something to eat close to where I live in Gray’s Farm. I went to the club by Kentish Road and when I went back home and was parking, my boyfriend went out first and while I was locking the jeep the guys came out from the backyard like they were waiting,” she said.
The woman recalled that one of the masked men attacked her with the knife and she was forced to use one of her hands to stop him from seriously hurting her. “They were trying to stab me, he fling the hand with the knife and I hold the knife so that’s how they cut my hand. I was very frightened. They took my purse, and everything else in the bag in the jeep. I had clothing, stainless steel jewellery and clothing … not plenty clothing, almost EC $2,000 in clothing, and cash $800 something, and for jewellery I don’t have estimate because I have different stuff, but I guess like $1,000 something,” she said.
The victim said the most important thing to her is that she is still alive. She said she has been very nervous and fearful since the incident and has not been able to sleep well. “Now, every time I’m waking up. I can’t sleep and I feel like it’s happening again and I was hearing everything, every movement. I had to change locks because they took my keys. But, I feel little better now,” she complained. The businesswoman said #1 Armstrong Road where she lives is very poorly lit and “like every time it’s Carnival or Christmas it gets dangerous.
We know people will want to rob,” she lamented. According to police sources, the woman also indicated that the thieves escaped with an LG cellular phone valued at $500 and a Samsung J7 cellular phone valued at $700 which were inside the vehicle. Up to late yesterday, lawmen had not caught the perpetrators. They got no description of them since they were wore dark, long sleeved clothing, and masks.

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