Robbery victim appeals for streetlights in his community

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A St Johnston’s Village family was robbed in their home in the wee hours yesterday morning, and one victim is calling on the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) to urgently replace broken streetlights in the area.
David Charles said many of the streets in his community are very dark and this makes it easier for thieves to target the residents.
“I’ve been calling them [APUA] for so long. They took my information, they gave me an order number and said they would call me back. My mother had called before and they said we had to pay $3,000 and it is over a year now the lights have been out,” Charles lamented.
He said he has already contacted APUA following the robbery and the utility company apologised for the inconvenience, but he still does not know if or when workmen would come and replace the broken lights in the area.
Charles said he was at home with his girlfriend, his brother and their mother when an armed, masked man entered their home around 1:00 am yesterday.
“I went to bed before everyone because I wasn’t feeling well after being bitten by a centipede. I was sleeping and my girlfriend tapped me and then someone pushed open the door and I saw the person using a cheap light on a phone shining it on the dressing table,” he said.
Charles said at first he thought it was his father but he still asked “Who is that?” and the person replied “ah me, ah me”.
“I asked ‘ah me, who?’ and he took up something and walked out. I realised this didn’t look right and I got up and went out in the hallway and all the lights were on in the house … I saw a pliers in the house, and I looked in the kitchen and I saw the window was out and the kitchen door was open,” the victim recalled.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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