Robbery spree continues

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By Latrishka Thomas

Over the last few months thieves have been ramping up their efforts to prey on individuals in Antigua and Barbuda.

Over the weekend, Elvis Hardy became one of the latest known victims.

On Saturday, Hardy reported that he was attacked by two masked men who robbed him of a large undisclosed sum of money as he was entering this vehicle. The men also shot at Hardy and the bullet grazed his head.

They then made off with his vehicle which was later found in Swetes Village where the incident occurred.

Police Public Relations Officer Frankie Thomas told OBSERVER media that police are presently investigating the incident.

Another major occurrence in the spate of robberies involved a 30-year-old man who was ambushed as he walked along the road in Hatton about 10:30 pm on August 26th.

An unknown mugger pounced on him, beat him severely, and robbed him of his wallet containing $2,500 in cash, some IDs and other documents – as well as his Samsung phone valued at $200.

The victim was subsequently treated at hospital and discharged.                                                 

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