Robbery/shooting accused freed of charges

Jay Peters is no longer accused of shooting a business operator with intent to murder and aggravated robbery at the Good Phoenix Chinese Restaurant on All Saints Road.

Crown Counsel Shannon Jones-Gittens withdrew the charges in the High Court yesterday morning, indicating that the police file did not have the supporting evidence to proceed with the case against Peters.

Four other men are still before the court charged with the same offences.

Having been told he’s free to go, Peters stood for a moment, clearly shocked, then he darted out of court yesterday, and started jumping for joy as he approached his relatives and partner who were waiting in the corridors.

The first thing the 47- year-old said was “I want to go get my son, it is two years now…. I have a philosophy so I stayed away because after I was arrested, one and two times there was some harassment and I didn’t want him seeing the police and that.

I don’t bring danger to my family.” Peters maintained his innocence from the onset, saying he was only in the restaurant to buy food that day when armed, masked individuals rushed in and robbed the place, among other things. “I ended up in 1735 for a $20 plate of food,” he said, as he recounted some of what occurred in the restaurant on April 20, 2016.

The details cannot be published at this time since the case against four other accused men is still pending. Before he got bail, Peters had spent one month on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison, commonly known as “1735”. “I never thought I would go back in there,” he said, after admitting he had been involved in criminal activities in his younger days which landed him in jail.

The other accused in the case are – Jamal Crump of Swetes, Errol DeCastro of Cashew Hill, Kevin Luke of Whenner Road and Blade Samuel of Cashew Hill. The trial will be conducted at a later date.

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