Robberies keep lawmen busy, offenders on the loose

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The police are looking for a criminal who attacked an elderly woman with a knife at Horsford Hill, and two other offenders who held a security guard at gunpoint to rob him on the job at Henderson’s Ltd.

Seventy-four-year-old Regine Wiegmann-Baned was tied up, threatened with death and robbed on Saturday at Lime Tree House where she has been staying during her holiday in Antigua.

The German woman was about to take a nap around midday when she heard a noise inside the house.

Police sources say the woman went to investigate and the robber attacked her from behind, grabbed her throat, held her down and threatened that if she made any noise he would kill her with the knife he said he had.

According to the police, the thief, who wore gloves, bound the victim’s hands and feet, and tied her to a bedpost.

“After doing that he asked the woman for her money and he searched the whole house. Apparently, he got two phones and a couple hundred dollars,” one source said.

After rummaging through the house and failing to find anything else, the thief left.

The woman reportedly managed to free herself and get help from someone in the area after she discovered her phone line had been cut.

The police combed the area in search of the suspect without success.

Meanwhile, a security guard who was on duty at Henderson’s Ltd in Powells was held at gunpoint around 3 a.m. on Friday.

His attackers pulled up in a brown Kia car which had no registration number. Two masked men exited the vehicle and demanded the guard’s money and valuables.

But, after they found that the man did not have any, they shoved him aside and left.

One of the men was about five feet nine inches tall while the other was about five feet six inches.  Both were dressed in dark clothing.

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