Road safety group president to step down

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After dedicating a little over eight years promoting the message of road safety awareness, President of the Antigua and Barbuda Road Safety Group Alice Ho-Tack is getting ready to pass on the torch.
While she will not be leaving the non-profit group entirely, Ho-tack told OBSERVER media that she will be handing over the reins to current Vice President Milton Aska and will be assisting him from behind the scenes.
“I have given over eight years to road safety, I was a victim that’s why I am so passionate about what I do. I have made my contribution and now the time has come for me to end the fight,” Ho-tack said.
The road safety president said that over the past few years she has worked on and provided specific recommendations to the government to improve road safety, some of which are yet to be approved.
Among the policies, she recommended was the formation of a National Road Safety Council that would be tasked with conducting research on road safety for evidence-based planning and decision-making and its constitution, the Implementation of a budget to finance road safety campaigns, and a road safety policy among other projects.
She said the government has since announced its intention to set up a National Road Safety Council without input from the road safety group.
“I re-submitted all these things every year to the government indicating where we are and whether we can move on. There are a lot of people holding me back and don’t want to see anything out of road safety. It reached to a point where I say here it is, a gift to the nation, my contribution and goodbye,” Ho-tack said.

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