Road Safety Group appeals to government

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The President of the Road Safety Group said that she believes the government is not doing enough for the families of road fatality victims.
Ten road fatalities have been recorded in Antigua so far this year, which is two more than all of last year.
Alice Ho Tack said that there’s just not enough comfort and support from the government.
“The support has not been there. We are calling on the government to respond. The families of these victims need answers,” she told OBSERVER media.
Ho Tack was speaking yesterday which was the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.
In some instances, road fatality cases have been under investigation for years and the families of the victims have not been getting updates from the police and other authorities.
Families have often  reported to this newsroom that they are the ones chasing the police for details on the progress of the investigations, the status of cases that are before the court, and why charges were or were not laid.
Meanwhile, Ho Tack said that the government has not made good on its promise to put measures in place to tackle road safety issues.
“We need to update our laws, and they need to bring our roads up to international standards,” Ho Tack said.
She said that the government signed the U.N. Declaration of Road Safety, and in that document, the authorities promised to put measures in place.
Ho Tack concluded by saying that this year’s World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims was used to grieve with the families and friends whose lives have been changed forever.

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