Richard Lewis declares interest in leading UPP

Richard Lewis (Facebook photo)
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By Shermain Bique-Charles

[email protected]

Richard Lewis, MP for St John’s Rural West and long-time party member, has indicated his interest in becoming the next political leader of the United Progressive Party.

Lewis told Observer in an interview yesterday that he is “willing and able” to take the UPP forward.

“Why not,” he said when Observer questioned him about his interest in taking up the mantle.

“When the time is right the delegates will make a decision as to who they think is right to lead the party and whoever is chosen, we will rally around that person,” he said.

It won’t be the first time Lewis has vied for the leadership role with the UPP. He previously contested the position against then leader Harold Lovell and lost.

Lewis said leadership is not for the weak of heart or those interested in self-aggrandisement.

“Governing in the interest of the people is very difficult. It is very easy to lead or to be a leader if you’re thinking about yourself or what you can get out of it. But if you are thinking of the people, the task is great.

“I just yield myself to God and ask him to guide my path so I have given this to him. Once the delegates want me, I am prepared” Lewis added.

The UPP will hold its delegate conference in the coming months at a date yet to be confirmed.

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