Reward for accused serial killer now $50K

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The reward for information leading to the successful recapture of accused triple murderer Delano Forbes has more than quadrupled. Yesterday, the government increased the reward from $10,000 to $50,000.
Police said that Forbes murdered three men – Wilfred ‘Bongo’ Williams, Shawn Henry and Lisue “Dirty” Williams, last year.
Prime Minister Gaston Browne said that he anticipates the escapee would be recaptured in a short period.
“There is an active investigation taking place, and we can’t understand how these individuals (referring to police officers who had Forbes in their custody) were so negligent. There are certain conspiracy theories, which I don’t want to get involved with. I will allow the investigation to take place. But, you can be assured that it is a serious matter for law enforcement and that they are redoubling their effort,” he said.
According to police, 23-year-old Forbes, whose ankles were shackled at the time, fled from officers by jumping from “a cliff” and running away in the Swetes area. Reportedly, five officers accompanied him, three from the Serious Crimes Unit and two photographers.
The team was said to be looking for evidence in connection with one of the murders for which Forbes has been charged.
Forbes has been at large for more than 20 days.
The police said earlier that they found jars of what appeared to be blood at Forbes’ home when they were investigating him in December. They have yet to announce the results of an analysis of the liquid in the jars.

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