Revellers prepare for T-shirt Mas’ – the Zoom edition

Carnival lovers enjoying festivities from recent years. (Photo courtesy Insane Carnival)
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By Adia Wynter

The nation’s annual T-Shirt Mas’ weekend is approaching, and many revellers’ days are being spent dreaming of what could have been. Many will miss the feeling of the roads of St John’s beneath their dancing feet and the afternoon sun on their bejeweled skin.

Reminiscing on the crowd’s beloved DJs playing their favourite soca songs and music so loud you become one with the bass, being away from the road might feel almost unbearable.

The chance to chip through town will not be available this year, but the opportunity to jam to your heart’s content is still on the table. ‘T-shirt Mas Zoom Edition’ – powered by Hitz 91.9 FM this Saturday – is answering the wishes of the people by bringing the popular annual festivities directly into people’s homes.

 Observer’s commercial manager Stacy Samuel hopes that this Zoom jam will be a comfortable and safe response to the people’s yearning for the road.

“The jam can be in the comfort of their homes at no extra cost. All that they do, just log into Zoom and enjoy T-shirt Mas’ in the comfort of their homes,” Samuel said.

The party will begin at 10am with revellers enjoying the clean fun by donning a t-shirt from previous years or a personal t-shirt and logging on to the Zoom call. With performances tipped from some of the nation’s most popular performers, along with DJs from Hitz FM and others, the fun does not have to wait until next year. 

T-shirt Mas Zoom Edition is open to anyone with the desire to enjoy themselves anywhere they are. The road will be missed for 2020, but with T-shirt Mas Zoom Edition, the jam does not have to go with it.  

To take part, tune into 91.9 FM or follow the link which will be posted on the ‘Hitz FM 91.9 Antigua’ Facebook page.

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