Revellers behaving 'bad' draws minister's concern

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Social Transformation Minister Samantha Marshall is not happy with the behavior of some men and women during the weekend festivities.
The 60th Anniversary of Carnival kicked off with a Glow Parade on Friday night and a T-Shirt mass on Saturday and there are reports that some people, women in particular, were behaving obscenely. Marshall tells OBSERVER Media that women and men should respect themselves at all times.

The social transformation minister said some people go overboard where revelling is concerned.

Meanwhile, youth advocate Kadeem Joseph agrees with Marshall’s assessment.

However, Joseph also said learning respect for oneself begins in the home.

Antigua & Barbuda is not the only country where obscenity during carnival is a hot topic. The Director of Carnival in St Martin Alston Lawrence says he is grappling with that same problem and he said the organizers of Carnival events must put measures in place if they are to realize any change.

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